Door - Lining Material

Q-line door lining material is available in sets ready to assemble or loose boards that require cutting to length. Both types of door lining material are available in European whitewood. The Q-line trenched and housed door lining sets are suitable for either 2'3" or 2 6 or 29 door openings and are also available with or without pre-cut door stops. Some of the Q-Line P.S.E sections in European redwood are also suitable to use as door lining material - 27 x 169mm is becoming increasingly popular.


Door Lining Sets

Door Lining - 32mm P.S.E.


27mm x 108mm
27mm x 133mm
27mm x 169mm


Door Lining Set


27mm x 108mm**
27mm x 133mm**


*The sizes shown are the finished sizes, not nominal sizes. Staff at our retail stockists tend to refer to the nominal sizes, so for an explanation see Product Information

**Available in 6'6"x2'9"/2'6" with or without 12x33mm P.S.E. stops or 6'6"x2'6"/2'3" with 12x33mm P.S.E. stops only




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