Q-line loglap is available in just one size and can be used for a range of internal and external cladding applications. It is traditionally used to create the walls of high quality sheds and other garden buildings or home offices. If required Q-line loglap can be supplied preservative pre-treated, please consult your stockist or click here for more information on our preservative treated range of claddings.


Loglap Cladding


20.5mm x 95mm


*Cladding board sizes shown are the finished sizes, not nominal sizes. Staff at our retail stockists tend to refer to the nominal sizes, so for an explanation see Product Information


Note: In common with the majority of un-coated cladding products available, please be aware that the above profiles are liable to shrink laterally by 2.5-3% when fitted in a normally centrally heated home (or outdoors in dry conditions). It is advisable to allow time for the product to ’settle in’ before applying any finishing coatings or better still apply the coating before fitting.


The images below give you a feel for the look of Q-Line Loglap in situation.


Loglap cladding
Loglap cladding

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